Open Healing Night
Welcome to our Open Healing Night every Tuesday starting at 19:00. We offer basic healings, and also special healings like ”Hands on” healings and female healings. We also take auraphotos and have clairvoyant minireadings as well as Auramed vitality analysis. We also gather for a guided meditation and after that you are welcome to participate in the planetary lightwork, where we channel light to the world. Also possible to receive distance-healing but for that, please register beforehand by email.

Aura Reading
Are you interested in gaining more knowledge of your current situation? An Aura Reading gives you valuable information about what you are presently working on, on an energy level. Psychic readers read from your energy field clairvoyantly. The Aura Reading lasts about 1½ hours including a break, and it costs 40 €. We do Aura and Female Readings on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 18:30. Contact us and make a reservation!
Special Readings
If you need more information about something specific, we offer also Special Readings, which are: Relationship, Past Lives, Money, Business and Family Readings. These we do also on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 18:30 and they last about 1 hour. Special Reading costs 40 €.
Individual readings and healing: contact us and ask more!

More information
By contacting us or visiting us you can receive all the information you need.
Courses are mainly in Finnish but we will arrange Meditation I in English if there is enough people interested in it. The course is in 4 parts.

With the coloured photo you also receive an interpretation. Price 20 €. Without reservations during Open Healing Nights on Tuesdays at 19:00.

Meditation I
In the meditation courses of Nouseva Aurinko you will not only learn to meditate but you will also be given techniques that evolve your spiritual development. The purpose of these techniques is
• to strengthen the communication between your soul and body
• to accumulate your lifeforce
• to know the difference between your energy and other people’s energies
• to use your inner power to create in the best possible way
• and to become aware of your aura

The most important gifts of this course are effective techniques that help you to destroy anything you don’t want or need in your life anymore and instead to create the things you are dreaming of. The course is held once a week during four weeks. Fee 120 €.

In Meditation II you get more techniques and knowledge to take steps on your spiritual path. You can make notes during the course. Please be in time. Remember to cancel your registration if you can not come.